Past Events

May 2, 2024 Social Security tricks and tips, HSA's, 529's and conversions, back door Roths
Group Discussion and sharing
April 4, 2024 Intellectual Property Matters in Estate Planning
Rob Gurr, JD
March 7, 2024 Medicare and Social Security updates
Tyler Webb
February 1, 2024 Market and Economic Update
Jeff Monson, CFP, ChFC, CLU
January 4, 2024 Current Tax Update
Tadd Hafen CPA, CVA and Nate Bybee CPA
December 7, 2023 Utah Legal Updates - Russell Mitchell
Russell Mitchell
November 2, 2023 Life Insurance and Business Succession Planning
Todd Johnson with Northwestern Mutual
October 5, 2023 Asset Protection Trusts - Matthew F. Hafen
Matthew F. Hafen
September 7, 2023 Prudent Investor Standard - Kevin D. Rorie
Kevin D. Rorie
May 4, 2023 Second Marriage Planning, QTIP Trusts, and SLATs.
Andrew S. McCullough
April 6, 2023 Using a Third Party Fiduciary for Trust and Estate Administration
Shawnna Hammon
March 2, 2023 Charitable Giving - Jerry L. Reynolds, JD
Jerry L. Reynolds, JD
February 2, 2023 Steve Radmall and Josh Savage - 2023 Tax Update
Steve Radmall and Josh Savage
January 5, 2023 Jeff Monson - Market Update
Jeff Monson
December 8, 2022 Ranon Beasley- Beasley Business and Tax Services Estate Planning Essentials
Ranon Beasley
November 3, 2022 Dennis Leavitt- VP of Public Relations of Balance of Nature
Dennis Leavitt -
October 6, 2022 Kyle Wipf - Remax - Diamond Group Realtor - upate on housing market
Kyle Wipf
September 1, 2022 SUEPC Back in Session with Larry Brock. Trust Protectors and Decanting
Larry Brock J.D. AEP
June 2, 2022 Summer Social
Summer Social Event
May 5, 2022 Hot Topics (Finding Gems in the Ashes of the Dumpster Fire)
Paul S. Lee, JD, LL.M. (taxation), AEP® (Distinguished)
April 7, 2022 LDS Philanthropies Planned Giving
David Bonner and Jeff Reynolds Gift Planning Specialists
March 3, 2022 Lisa Rehburg - Life Settlements
Lisa Rehburg
February 3, 2022 The Basics of Special Needs Planning - Phillip G. Gubler, JD - Proven Law
Phillip G. Gubler, JD
January 6, 2022 Jeff Monson - Market Update
Jeff Monson
December 9, 2021 Changes in tax law and how they will affect clients and firms
Bryan Stewart CPA, Ph. D.
November 4, 2021 Business Valuation Basics and Discounting Considerations
William W. Olsen - Olsen Valuation Advisors
October 7, 2021 Basis Step-Up Strategies in Light of Portability and Tax Law Changes
Steven B. Gorin - JD, CPA, AEP
September 2, 2021 Back in Session: SUEPC Economic Update Delta
Jeff Monson - Wells Fargo Financial Advisors
June 3, 2021 Southern Utah Estate Planning Council Summer Social
May 6, 2021 Craig McCullough on Tax Planning Updates
Craig McCullough - Kirton McConkie
April 1, 2021 Estate and Trust Litigation Update
James Spendlove - Gurr, Brande, and Spendlove
March 4, 2021 Probate and Estate Administration
Wes Winsor - Wealth and Estate Law Group
December 10, 2020 SUEPC Luncheon
Nate Bybee - Hafen Bucker
November 5, 2020 SUEPC Luncheon
Max McQuiston - American Funds
March 5, 2020 Passing Before Planning; What We Can Learn From Celebrities Who Have Died Intestate
Andrew McCullough
February 6, 2020 Bringing Philanthropy to your Clients and Your Practice
Wayne Olsen Estate Planning Attorney Intermountain Healthcare
January 16, 2020 Economic Update
Jeff Monson
December 12, 2019 Tax Update
Tyler Hall
November 7, 2019 What do You Know About Planned Giving? Would You Like to Know More?
David Bonner, JD
October 3, 2019 Asset Protection Opportunities and Developments
Matthew F. Hafen - Attorney at Durham Jones & Pinegar
September 5, 2019 Elder Financial Abuse
Karen S. McMullin
June 6, 2019 Summer Social
May 2, 2019 What (Wealthy) Clients (Really) Want
Kayla T. Koeber
April 4, 2019 Case Law Update
James Spendlove
March 7, 2019 Valuation Issues & the IRS
Talon Stringham
February 7, 2019 Cognitive Health and Working with Clients
Cathleen Obray, MD
January 3, 2019 Economic and Market Update
Jeff Monson, CFP, ChFC, CLU
December 6, 2018 Annual Tax update and Year End strategies
George Graff, CPA, ABV, CFF
November 1, 2018 Now What? Best Practices for Estate Settlement
Ronda Garnder, CPA
October 4, 2018 IRA Planning and Strategies
Panel: Brent Shakespeare, Josh Savage, Phillip Gubler
September 6, 2018 “Keeping up with the Legislature: Estate Planning Implications of Recent Utah Legislation”
Matt Hafen
June 7, 2018 Summer Social
Family Party & Games
May 3, 2018 Valuation Concepts, Issues & Trends
Talon Stringham
April 5, 2018 Trends from the courtroom
James Spendlove, JD, attorney for Jensen Bayless, LLP
March 8, 2018 Economic and Market Update
Michael Serio, Regional Chief Investment Officer Wells Fargo Wealth Management
February 1, 2018 Tax Changes and Updates- Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion
January 4, 2018 Charitable Planned Giving - Case Studies Discussion
Michael France, Major Gifts Officer with Foundation of Dixie Regional Medical Center
December 7, 2017 Tax update and recent rules changes
Tadd Hafen, George Graff
November 2, 2017 The New Age of Estate Planning: Innovative Strategies for Tax Basis Maximization
Matt Hafen
October 12, 2017 Update from Director of Utah Division of Securities **Note date change**
Kenneth Barton
September 7, 2017 Elder Abuse and working with Seniors
Randi Guersoli
June 8, 2017 SUEPC Summer Social
May 4, 2017 Trust Protectors, a Tool for Flexible Inflexibility
Larry Brock
April 6, 2017 How to Plan Now to Sell your Business in 3-5 Years
Talon Stringham
March 2, 2017 Estate Law Update
James Spendlove
February 2, 2017 Economic and Markets update
Jeff Monson, CFP
January 5, 2017 Case Study and Collaboration
Group event, come ready to participate
December 8, 2016 Year-end Strategies and Tax Planning updates **Notice date change**
Kris Braunberger, CPA and Jeff Hunt, CPA
November 3, 2016 Financial crimes update and local scams
FBI special agent Steve Kleinlein
October 6, 2016 Asset Protection
Matt Hafen
September 1, 2016 Charitable strategies and proper gift tax disclosures.
Steve Radmall, CPA
May 5, 2016 Ethics, shared meeting with BYU Managements Society and the UACPA
Bill O'Rouke guest speaker coming from Pittsburgh. Former head of Alcoa Russia
April 7, 2016 Current issues in Estate Litigation
James L. Spendlove
March 3, 2016 Business Valuation
Talon Stringham
February 4, 2016 Let's Work Together!
Ronda Gardner, SUEPC President
January 7, 2016 2016 Economic and Markets Outlook
Jeff Monson, CFP
December 10, 2015 2015 Individual and Estate Tax Update: Analyzing the recent changes to social security, retirement plans, and charitable contributions
Rod Savage and Tyler Hall
November 12, 2015 Special Needs Trusts
Ronda Gardner
November 12, 2015 Annual Officer Voting
Conducted by Josh Savage, President
October 1, 2015 Planned Giving Primer
David Bonner
September 3, 2015 Planning strategies designed to protect assets and transfer wealth
Brad Hatch and Jon Hatch
May 7, 2015 Utah 2015 Legislative Update
Lowry Snow, State Representative District 74
April 2, 2015 The New Normal
Matt Hafen and Greg Barrick
March 5, 2015 Long-Term Care
Cynthia Stewart, JoAnn Wylie, CLU
February 5, 2015 Retire Like You Mean It
Steve Wilson
January 22, 2015 Focus 2015: Market Transformations and Risks
Jeff Monson, CFP
November 6, 2014 Washington County Business Recruiting
Jana Carter, Assistant Director of Site Select Plus
October 2, 2014 Asset Protection: What Strategies Really Work
September 4, 2014 Trust Administration from a Fiduciary's Perspective
Lynn Baldwin
May 1, 2014 A Generational Shift in Investing
Jeff Monson, Wells Fargo
April 3, 2014 2014 Legislative Update
Cameron Morby
March 6, 2014 Common Errors in Trust Planning and Administration
Ronda Gardner
February 6, 2014 Navigating The Health Insurance Market Place
Stacey Paine, Certified Application Counselor, Family Healthcare
December 5, 2013 The New Utah LLC Act for 2014
Cameron M. Morby, JD and Matthew J. Ence, JD
November 7, 2013 “Savvy Social Security Planning: What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income.”
Steve Burgess and Bryce Huff, Arkon Financial & Insurance Solutions
October 10, 2013 Utah’s New Asset Protection Trust Law
Robert S. (Rust) Tippett, JD
September 5, 2013 Elder Financial Exploitation Prevention Program
Karen S. McMullin, Division of Securities, Investor Education Coordinator
May 2, 2013 Financial Markets, what you should know, what questions to ask
Jeff Monson, CFP®
April 4, 2013 "Retirement Plan and Trusts: Friend or Foe?"
Matt Mitton, JD
March 7, 2013 “TRUSTS: A Litigator’s Perspective”
James Spendlove, JD Jensen Bayles, LLP
February 7, 2013 The Impact of Alzheimer's Disease in Estate Planning
LuAnn Lundquist, Alzheimer's Society
January 3, 2013 Understanding Home Care and Hospice Care
Debbie Cox, Administrator - Southern Utah Home Care and Hospice
December 6, 2012 Issues with Real Estate Transfers
Matthew D. Ekins, J.D.
November 1, 2012 Remarriage and Second Marriage: Considerations in Estate Planning
Jeff McKenna, Brent Hall and Tom Bayles
October 4, 2012 IRS Estate and Gift Tax Update
Kyle Martin - Internal Revenue Service
September 6, 2012 White Collar/Economic Crimes in Utah
Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Kohler
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